MDes / MA / PhD


Students at Design Lab are part of Koç University‘s Design, Technology and Society (DTS) graduate program—an interdisciplinary program that aims to provide students with opportunities to acquire an applied, theoretical and critical understanding of interaction design, user experience design and service design; and distinguish themselves as researchers and/or practicioners in these fields. The program awards MDes, MA and PhD degrees. Please see the program website at for more information.

Application Instructions

In addition to the requirements and instructions posted on the DTS program website, those who are interested in conducting research at Design Lab during their post-graduate studies must submit a pre-application INSTEAD OF contacting the faculty directly. Pre-applications will be reviewed by the faculty, and applicants will receive further instructions via e-mail.

We are only able to schedule meetings and interviews for candidates who have provided information in the form of a pre-application, documenting that they fulfill the application criteria for the DTS program.

Other than this, the application procedure is identical to what is published on the DTS program website.

Important Dates

Important dates for applications are announced on the the DTS program website.

More Info

Please find information on scholarships and financial aid at the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities website.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this website or the DTS program website, please contact the Koç University – Arçelik Research Center for Creative Industries via e-mail: [email protected]



Koç University‘s Department of Media and Visual Arts offers a Bachelor of Design Certificate to those students who complete its Undergraduate Design Programme. The goal of the program is to offer an opportunity to diversify students’ studies and incorporate design thinking and skills into their overall academic experience.

The program presents an overview of basic design skills and the issues that the design profession relates to, intending to enable students from engineering, humanities, social sciences, management and and other fields to interact efficiently with professional designers. The focus of the programme is on learning by doing, a balance of theory and practice and developing a student’s individual creativity when solving problems for users.


All undergraduate students from Koç University with good academic standing are eligible to apply for admission to the BDes program.